A good day of surfing

Un buen día de surf

As you can all imagine, one of our passions is surfing. It might seem that the only thing that involves surfing is going to the sea, having a board and a wetsuit, and getting into the surf, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let us tell you what a day of surfing means for us.

For us, a day of surfing becomes at least a weekend with friends (it is advisable not to practice this sport alone, and if you are accompanied by your own it is always better) with which the day begins with the trip, encouraged , reviewing all the weather reports, although we know that even so the weather is capricious and anything can happen. As soon as you arrive, the desire is so great that you go directly to the beach to see the state of the waves, and, even being tired from the trip, if you see the slightest possibility of catching a wave, you catch what you can before to go to dinner and sleep quickly, since the next day is the main course

After this first day of contact comes the full day, the day that yes or yes you have to give everything. It usually starts very early, checking the day part and the tides to catch the best possible time, but early. With the moonlight still illuminating the landscape, the alarm clocks sound, but this day it is not difficult to get up, after 5 minutes you begin to hear voices from all over the world who, with the same enthusiasm as you, are preparing the team to go to the Beach. Without breakfast and with rheum in your eyes, you get into the car, dead cold, and head for the beach, where good things await you. When you arrive you see excited that that day yes, that the report was right, you put on your poncho, put on your wetsuit, take your board and get into the cold water for two or three hours that, for you, seem like minutes.

When the sea begins to die down, you quickly pack up and go home, have breakfast and recharge your batteries, because in a few hours, when the tide returns, you will return to the sea at least once more.

After this exhausting day of cold, adrenaline and sports, nothing feels better than getting together all those who have participated in it around a good fire, toasting the exploits of their companions or their own and planning the next trip, since, at next day, it's time to go home, and nothing better to drive away the sorrows, like knowing that you will return to that same place, with those same people as soon as possible.

We hope you like our surf days and tell us, how are yoursros?

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