First steps

Primeros pasos
First steps...
We want to share with you what our first steps were for the westsouls team, those that already made the brand something real, a fact.

Once the garments arrived at our warehouses and we were able to touch them, perceive the intensity of the colors, and, in short, see that our essence was something tangible, we could only think about how we were going to show it to the world.

From there El Shooting arose, for which we did not hesitate to choose nature in its purest form, as it could not be otherwise.a.
We headed to the Entrepeñas reservoir in Madrid. FromWe decided to bring together our models and, why not say it, trusted friends, athletes and nature lovers, to try to reflect those good vibrations and naturalness that we are looking for.

Suddenly, the magic was done. The landscape could not fit more with us, the swamp, good weather, friends, our clothes, good vibes As you can imagine, there were many anecdotes, baths, laughter, falls, spontaneous moments, dances, unsuspecting photos, as well as hours of waiting to get the right light..

With all this mix of emotions and positive energies, plus the imposing mother nature making our plan make sense, our first photographs ended up coming out, which will always remain in the memory as our first steps.”.
And hopefully we take so many steps that we have to look far back, to this very special moment that we share with you today.

 ¡Good vibes to all!
west souls crew

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