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Since we officially came out this September 1, we have been asking you numerous questions so that you could give your opinion on the first collection, which aspects are the ones you like the most, the ones you least like, what details you would like to incorporate, etc.

We wanted to take advantage of these Christmas dates and, taking into account your answers and suggestions, launch four novelties so that you can have them this winter. The main novelties with respect to the previous collection are:

  • A looser and much longer sweatshirt than the previous ones, it does not lose the athletic cut but it does give this new product a more casual air.
  • We wanted to include a long-sleeved t-shirt, somewhat thicker than normal, but thinner than the sweatshirt, so that it is versatile when it comes to using it indistinctly, either as a t-shirt on a cooler day, or that you can use it like a sweatshirt over another garment.
  • As for the shirts, we wanted to make them a little longer and looser in order to have these two types.
    s available on the web and to meet the needs of all of you.

westsouls is a living, dynamic brand, like the people who use it, which is why we want you to participate in its evolution at all times, as we have done up to now. and we hope that you continue to participate, since you are the engine of this project.

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