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Some of you may not know it, but in the past Spain had one of the most consolidated textile industries in the world, being the modern industry that contributed the most to GDP at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

However, the 20th century arrived, and with it a series of wars that completely stopped any industrial development in our country. It was not until 1950 when the Spanish economy began to recover, continuing this trend until the 1970s. This decade marked the end of the cycle of the Spanish textile industry due to the lack of adaptation to new technologies and the arrival of the crisis. of oil, which meant that Spanish companies could not compete with the rest of Europe.

The opening of borders, the increase in production costs and the total liberalization of trade by the WTO in 2005 led many companies to decide to transfer their production to countries where they enjoyed much lower costs.

It is of little use to launch large advertising and marketing campaigns if we do not value the fundamental base: the Spanish textile company. Companies that today adjust production costs to the maximum in order to compete with productions from other countries, without neglecting the quality of the garments, and the environmental and labor guarantees of the entire production process.

It should be noted that the textile industry is a key sector in our country, being the third most relevant factor in what we call“mark Spain”, after tourism and gastronomy. In addition, it is a key sector to get out of the crisis due to two fundamental factors: its possibilities for job creation and its importance in exports.

For a few years there has been talk of the industrial relocation of the textile sector in Spain. There is once again a growing interest in returning to make clothes in Spain . The keys to this return are the increase in quality of the Spanish product, ease of control of traceability throughout the manufacturing process, growth of the desire to promote local production as a source of job creation and reduction in delivery times, guarantees in terms of safety and the environment, and, of course, the concept«Made in Spain» as a source of added value. In our country we have excellent operators throughout the value chain, from manufacturers, whose importance is indisputable, to distributors who make it possible for the customer to enjoy each garment.

These are some of the values and thoughts that motivated the creation of westsouls. Let's see this period of crisis as an opportunity and a duty to recover the industry that has always meant so much to this country.


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