¡Llegó el verano!

¡Llegó el verano!

Summer is here, and how could it be otherwise, all of you, who make up the westsouls family, will be planning an adventure to do during it. Some of you will travel through Asia, a fascinating continent, full of special corners, great contrasts and numerous perfect spots for you to take “the photo” of the summer. Others will opt for our national beaches or our incredible islands that are the envy of the entire world, with their crystal clear waters and white sands (I don't know if you know that Spain is the country in the world with the most blue flags this 2022, with nothing more and nothing less than 729). And many others will go to their towns, with their families, to spend those moments of rest and reunion with their origins and their childhood friends.

All these unforgettable trips and adventures are lived by each one in their own way and enjoyed to the fullest, since, as you will all think, you have to make the most of summer, that's how we are westsoulers, and we love being it.

In order to contribute our grain of sand, we wanted to bring out a beautiful and pleasant collection of clothing of all kinds, to accompany you in those moments, helping to make them even more perfect. This is why we innovated with shirts and swimsuits, expanding the large collection of sweatshirts and t-shirts since many of you told us that you couldn't go to westsouls as much as you would like. We wanted to listen to you, and this is the result of your comments; Without your help it would have been impossible to do it, so, on behalf of the entire family and the westsouls team, we want to pay you a special tribute and thank you, kicking off this summer 2022 that we all deserve so much!

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