Environmental Social Flow II

Environmental Social Flow II

Last week we talked about what the environmental social flow consisted of, an original westsouls term with which we refer to the entire environment that surrounds the brand. Today we want to explain in depth how we achieve this in each of the steps we take to produce any article:

  • Ecological materials: For the manufacture of our products we only select materials that are 100% ecological. We currently work with organic cotton.

Organic cotton originates from organic farming or organic farming, which aims to make optimal and sustainable use of local natural resources, not allowing the use of external inputs such as chemical fertilizers, herbicides, synthetic pesticides, and genetically modified seeds.


  • Manufacturing process: All our products are designed and manufactured in Spain in an original and meticulous way, taking care of both aesthetics and consistency with the essence of the brand, advocating local production and valuing experience and textile tradition with the What does our country have?

In addition, with this strategy we ensure that the manufacture of our products complies with all Spanish and European regulatory measures, in terms of safety and labor and environmental conditions.


  • Packaging: Our products are protected for delivery in compostable envelope bags, and later packaged for shipment in boxes made of 100% recycled, biodegradable and compostable cardboard, perfectly recyclable after use.

In addition, the inks used in the packaging for the logo and other graphics are water-based, so they are not harmful to the environment.


  • Sealing: Shipping boxes are sealed with a vegan westsouls sticker.

These stickers are made up of a polyolefin sheet, free of components of animal origin, and a matt white sheet that protects the adhesive, totally ecological and biodegradable.


  • Transport: We have not yet found the solution to send our products through a fully respectful channel with the environment. That's why we want to offset carbon dioxide emissions from our shipments (CO2 accounts for 95% of the climate impact of burning fossil fuels for transportation).

We calculate the CO2 emissions of each shipment and allocate a part of the amount to offset all emissions. This is materialized through forest protection projects, improving biomass through better forest management practices and verifying the progress of the project.


  • Shipping labels and invoices: Even all the paperwork necessary for shipments is made of ecological paper, to maintain our commitment to the environment down to the smallest details.


Together we can contribute our grain of sand to try to care for and improve the natural environment that makes us enjoy so much every day.


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