"Adrenaline" Wine T-shirt

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Our Adrenaline shirt tries to reflect the evolution of the human being in his search for new challenges and sensations. A good example of this is how man has become capable of"flying"at 250km/h with the help of only a suit, perhaps the maximum exponent in terms of the generation of adrenaline possible.

Through the fusion of the bird man with Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man, we also wanted to wink at this genius, who already more than 500 years ago manifested the ambition of man to fly through the skies through his inventions.

- Knitted fabric - 100% organic cotton - 180mg/m2

- Fabric color: Wine

 - Round hem

- Loose fit

Manu is 190 cm and wears size L.

We recommend washing inside out and not ironing the design directly, turning the garment inside out.

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