westsouls continues to be verified

westsouls sigue verificándose

And that's two verifications that we have been awarded in the last week, verifications that highlight the great effort made by all the people who make up this family.

This verification has been obtained by Real Sustainable Fashion (Ethical Time).

Real Sustainable Fashion (Ethical Time) is a verification that analyses the practices of fashion brands in all areas and at all levels.

Primarily all efforts were focusing on the composition of their products. Ethical Time, however, measures a multitude of aspects, in order to help end brands lead the shift towards a truly sustainable fashion industry. The Real Sustainable Fashion Verification is a tool to analyse, evaluate and report on the sustainability of fashion brands, making a study of all the determining factors in the creation of garments, such as suppliers, certificates, fabrics, transport and place of manufacture.

It also carries out a rigorous study of the impact of the brand and its efforts to build a more inclusive, transparent and sustainable economy.

From westsouls we want to announce that we will continue working to be an increasingly sustainable fashion company, proof of this is this new verification that we add to the first one that was obtained just a few days ago.

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