westsouls con la slow Fashion

westsouls con la slow Fashion

As you can imagine, slow fashion is a movement completely opposite to fast fashion, which is what prevails today in most homes.

This new movement advocates, instead of buying a wide variety of cheap (and of course lower quality) clothing, reducing current purchasing volumes and buying fewer clothes that will last much longer, repairing used clothes that need minor repairs, etc That is, it seeks to optimize the planet's existing resources (which are finite) and exploit them in a controlled and effective way, prioritizing the essential over the banal.

It's about going back to years ago, when people bought fewer, much more durable clothes instead of going to the large fast fashion stores that exist today.

Of course, this type of sustainable fashion has certain characteristics:

  • They are made with high-quality sustainable materials, such as linen or organic cotton.
  • The clothes are more timeless than modern
  • They are usually sold in small (local) stores rather than large chains.
  • Garments of local origin, production and sale
  • Few specific styles per collection, which are launched two or maximum three times a year, or a permanent collection without a season
  • Short runs or to order (to reduce stocks as much as possible)

If you also advocate for this movement or this small article has made you reflect a little on your consumption habits, you are in the right place.

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