why westsouls?

¿Por que westsouls?

¿why westsouls arises?
 westsouls was born in 2021 from a concern, that of sharing our passion for enjoying nature in all its facets, whether through sports, travel, or spending unforgettable moments with our loved ones. We set out to capture this philosophy through clothing, as we believe that fashion is one of the best forms of expression and reflection of each person's lifestyle.

 ¿Where does that name come from?
 westouls refers, as its name suggests, to the souls of the west. Inspired by Galicia, a land with which those of us who created the brand feel linked in a very special way.

 ¿What are the brand values?
 Knowing that each person enjoys the natural environment in a different way, we set out to connect with those of us who do so with a spirit of adventure, vitality, freedom, and also closeness, because we like to have a good time surrounded by our people. These values are what we try to reflect in each of our designs, created one by one in a meticulous and conscious way, so that each person who wears westsouls can feel this philosophy.

 ¿What makes us different from westsoulers?
 We will not get tired of repeating it, our goal is not a clothing brand, our goal is to create a community. A different experience for which we want to bring together those people who not only enjoy nature, but also get involved in caring for it, because future generations deserve to take advantage of our environment as much as we do. Therefore, all our products are totally respectful with the environment. From our garments, made from 100% recycled and sustainable materials, to the packaging in which we send them to you, in recycled, biodegradable and compostable cardboard boxes, perfectly recyclable after use, with water-based inks to guarantee that nothing is harmful to the environment.
We want westsouls to be as we say, not a brand but a philosophy of life.
If it is also yours, welcome and enjoy the experience!



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