first sensations

Primeras sensaciones

50 days after the official launch of westsouls, we want to share with you our first sensations, as part of the brand that you are.

It has been 50 days of intense work, but all this effort is gradually being rewarded, not only at the business level (sales, traffic, set goals, etc.), but with feedback that is exceeding our expectations and a great reception. in terms of affection and good words from all of you who make up this growing family that is westsouls.

Every visit on the web, every new follower, every like, every A comment means a lot to us. It motivates us to continue and put all our enthusiasm into this project by verifying that it really is a proposal that makes sense, that it is possible to combine fashion and design with sustainability.

Speaking in more business terms, we are pleased to announce that we had a better than expected month of September, thanks to all of you. We knew it was a bad month to launch a clothing brand. End of summer and end of vacations, it costs September, but even so you have improved any forecast.

All this allows us to continue growing and offering you more and more variety of products, so that the time may come when, whatever you are looking for, you can find it here. Because westsouls are you, from the first moment.

Thank you very much for these first 50 days and for many more!

west souls crew

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