The challenges of a new collection

Los retos de una nueva colección

When facing the creation of a new collection, a large number of questions begin to arise, which we must go through one by one until we can reconcile the desired product. As a general rule, it is thought that the most difficult thing when you start an adventure in this sector is the first production; however, nothing is further from reality. You ask yourself a series of questions, the answer to which is often not easy.

¿I change something that I already have, if so, what change, what¿qué

we add illustrations, we continue with the same line, what range of colors I want to use, I continue with the same materials, I bring out new products or I keep the same ones; All these questions and many more immediately come to mind when facing this new challenge, because it is a new challenge. And it is so because we want each new garment that we take out to excite us and to be able to transmit that same illusion to you. ilusión.

For all these reasons, when we start a new collection, we must mainly answer three fundamental questions, since their answer defines the essence of westsouls:

  • ¿Why do we do what we do?
  • ¿who we do it for
  • ¿What differentiates us from the rest?

By asking ourselves these three questions, and, above all, being able to answer them, we manage to avoid deviating from those premises that constitute the soul of westsouls, and, despite the obstacles, make the necessary decisions based on that essence that defines us and differentiates us from the world. other brands on the market.

¡We hope that soon you will be able to appreciate everything that we are telling you in the next news that are about to arrive!

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