Fabricado en España

Fabricado en España
Today we want to share a topic that we consider of utmost importance, it is about having the Made in Spain seal or Manufactured in Spain.ña”.
The first thing you might ask yourself is what is the differentiating fact of manufacturing in our country, why are there brands that manufacture in Spain and others outside. What are the benefits of doing so and what drawbacks do fashion brands encounter when deciding one option or another? Well, we cannot speak for the characteristics and vicissitudes of each of them, but we can tell you the reason for our choice.
Manufacturing in Spain is a source of pride for us, trying to bring a piece of our land to other places in the world, and showing the great quality of fabric producers, as well as the workers in the textile and design sector that we have in Spain. , this is one of the fundamental reasons for doing what we do. Proudly promote the great sector that we once had as an example throughout the world, and that, little by little, is recovering.
The second reason is economic, Spain has been suffering for years from several crises and a pandemic that has kept the economy stopped for years. It seemed irresponsible on our part to take production to other countries where labor is much cheaper in order to reduce costs and thus expand our margin. We wanted the ENTIRE production chain of each of our garments to be designed and manufactured in Spain, in order to leave all the money at home, to our people who have had such a bad time during these years and who have a lot and very good to contribute. to the sector.
All this implies high production costs, since, as you can imagine, the salaries and conditions of the workers in a Spanish factory are not the same as the salaries and conditions in other countries, for example, Asian ones, which is where the product is manufactured. largest percentage of clothing in the world. These production costs mean that the final cost of sale to the public is higher than that of clothing from large stores, but it guarantees greater quality and good conditions for all workers throughout the production chain.
With all this we do not want to say that we are better, but we are committed to what is ours, as one of the great pillars of westsouls; This is our vision and if it is yours too, we will be happy to share it.

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