Environmental Social Flow

Environmental Social Flow

Care and respect for the environment is one of the key pillars of westsouls. Environmental Social Flow is an original term with which we want to describe our commitment to nature and how we believe we should put these sustainability values into practice.

We believe that caring for the environment should be carried out in a collective and social way, because it is everyone's business and because together we will have a greater impact, and in a habitual and fluid way, internalising it in our daily lives. All the members of the westsouls family should always contribute in a natural way to the care and improvement of the natural environment that surrounds us.

In this sense, we currently have the endorsement of The Circular Project and Ethical Time as a sustainable fashion brand.

  • The Circular Project's verification as a Circular Project guarantees that we comply with a triple positive impact: economic, ecological and social, through compliance with the TCP code of ethics. It is a guarantee of good practices in sustainability and circularity in fashion, and represents a commitment to the continuous improvement of processes, as well as the integration of the SDGs in our value proposition.


  • Ethical Time's Real Sustainable Fashion is a verification that analyses the practices of fashion brands in all areas and at all levels, beyond the composition of their products. It endorses the sustainability of brands in a holistic way, taking into account suppliers, certifications, fabrics, transport and place of manufacture. As well as the impact of the brand and its efforts to build a more inclusive, transparent and sustainable economy.

At westsouls we want to do our bit by firstly making our production chain as ecological and sustainable as possible throughout the whole process, and secondly, by contributing to improving the environment through different environmental projects.

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