Verified by The Circular Project

Verificados por The Circular Project

Today we want to tell you something very special for us and that is that we have obtained our first verification as a brand! The certification is given by The Circular Project, which is a pioneering sustainable fashion project in its field due to its approach when it comes to working comprehensively on fashion as part of a whole:social, ecological and economic, and working from different fronts:dissemination , training, communication and its implementation in all sectors.

This project, and ours, revolve around organic and responsible fashion made in Spain that is part of the Economy for the Common Good that seeks to spread the desire for collaborative work and awareness of the environment, through a fashion that is different for an exclusive Ecodesign, local production, a taste for local commerce and a devotion to our planet

The Circular Project homologates the brands with which it works before welcoming them under its umbrella after carrying out an exhaustive analysis of their way of working, suppliers, code of ethics and impact measurement. Being a brand with The Circular Project seal is a guarantee of transparency and traceability.

It is for all this that we are so happy to be able to inform you of the verification obtained, which can already be seen on our website.

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