Arbo, home of the lamprey

Arbo, hogar de la lamprea

Today we bring you a destination that may be little known to many of you, it is a small municipality belonging to the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, called Arbo; This small town is located in a privileged enclave of one of the most beautiful regions of the Province. Additionally, the town opens to the Miño River at its southern limit, forming a bridge in a special way with Portugal (each bank of the river belongs to a country).

In addition to the Miño, the Deva and Cea rivers also cross this municipality, providing the town with innumerable possibilities for water sports; the star sport is rafting on the Miño or the Deva, an activity recommended for both beginners and the most daring, but you can also practice canoeing (this year the Galician canoeing championship was held in the town).

If the water is not what most attracts you, you can do other natural activities at any time of the year, such as hiking, climbing, and even for those most in need of adrenaline, bungee jumping.

In the culinary aspect, one of the attractions of Galicia, the special characteristics and location of Arbo make it one of the most suitable places for the production of wine, becoming one of the wine-producing areas with the highest quality in our country, included under the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin.

These magnificent wines serve as an accompaniment to numerous dishes of Galician gastronomy, but in this case special mention should be made of one of them in particular, the lamprey, the star dish of the place, and whose ancestral fishing means that the constructions used for the capture of this curious animal have already been, for centuries, part of the Arbo area.

From westouls we hope to have discovered a new corner of this beautiful country

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